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New product 5G rotuer support TS9

5G high speed CPE support TS9

This device is a high-performance 5G broadband wireless router, CPE called Customer
Premise Equipment, which translates as "customer front device"."Front" means that the
CPE is used and set in the "first step".It converts carrier-supplied signals or cable
broadband signals into broadband or Wi-Fi signals that we can use directly.5G CPE is a
new 5G terminal device in the "5G era". Because of the built-in 5G chip, it can convert the
5G signal sent by the base station into broadband / Wi-Fi signal, further improving
everyone's network experience.Insert the SIM card, the device has electricity on a network,
flexible can move to other places, anytime and anywhere network.
SIM card slot 2FF or 4FF
Ethernet port 1*1000Mbps LAN
Button Rest, WPS, Battery level, Power
5G antenna 4*4 MIMO Max
External antenna TS9
USB interface for firmware upgrade
Power supply DC 12V 1.5A
Wireless module FC06E
Antenna Built in/Internal
Wireless rate 1800Mbps data rate 2*2+2*2 11ax DBS
Frequency band 2.4GHz WLAN: 2.400-2.4835 GHz 5GHz WLAN: 5.450-5.850GHz
Encrytion methos  WPA/WPA2

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